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2018亞洲安全防衛展 2018 Defence Services Asia in Malaysia 青天白日,台灣雲豹現蹤跡



In April of this year, it symbolized the two major of Taiwan’s National Defense: the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology and Armaments Bureau Materiel Production Center, Ministry of National Defense. It was first exhibited in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Biennially DSA is the largest ASEAN security exhibition in whole Asia Pacific. Let me represent you how the Design Space stood out from the 68 worldwide exhibitors with the most impressive exhibition design.


One of the challenges we faced in sketching the booth design was: “How do you express Taiwan?” Design Space boldly thinking out of the box and removed Taipei 101, begin with the concept of “National Treasure” – Clouded Leopard, the unique species from Taiwan represent the military defense and rebound with the spirit style of plum blossom; emphasize the image of Taiwan’s flag through multi lines and geometric shapes, integrate the colors of the blue sky and white cloud into the design, injects energetic innovation for professional defense exhibition, and create warmest stories and richness gallery of Taiwan.



Design Space Team not just an ordinary Exhibition Design Company. We have fearless of challenges and exceptionally creative, truly demonstrates the strength and highlights of Taiwan’s National Defense, and successfully became the focus of the audience and kept the crowds flowing during the exhibition.


Beside of the professional exhibition design, behind of the Design Space also has a group of professional on-site supervisory service team, can resolve client's various emergencies case immediately. Whether it is serving the arrivals of foreign guests or temporary needs, completion of four days on-site service displayed the embrace and praise from the NCSIST and MPC for the first time in Malaysia!


One-stop professional exhibition design team allows you to undergo the most comfortable exhibition experiences no matter where you are.


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