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2018台北印尼精讚週 x 黎京設計 Indonesian Week 2018 x Design Space



The Indonesian Week - Taipei created by the Design Space team, to praised the charm of Indonesia country, experienced local culture, skillful with meticulous draping techniques, and broke through the field thinking of the exhibition design. At the entrance of the event, large-scale decoration and traditional batik of "Indonesian Week 2018" are placed at the entrance of the event, which is full of Indonesian style.

活動入口處放置的「Indonesian Week 2018」與印尼傳統布料結合,搖身一變成為美麗的裝置藝術,所使用的掛布技術同時保護客戶的古董織品。

The draping techniques of well-known fabr batik, to protect the extremely valuable traditional textiles, the effect and reaction is remarkably amazing..


The professionalism of the lighting and audiovisual stage is even more striking. The large-scale of art decoration with the difficulty of installation all handled by Design Space. It seems like being on a professional platform, and the Indonesian dancers and fashion shows are all here to perform their shine, and the auditorium is totally packed.


Design Space Team care every detail, it is to allow customers and exhibitors to have better exposure, and it also requires visitors to stay in the local atmosphere of Indonesia. The planning of each district is inconspicuous, with the balance of quality and speed, and the Indonesian government has an excellent impression on the first visit to Taiwan.


In cooperation with the Indonesian government to build the first Indonesian Week 2018, the Design Space team use design to conduct a diplomacy and perform every guest with professionalism and enthusiasm.


Design Space, embrace world!


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