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全球最大的自行車盛事 EUROBIKE於2018 七月在德國福吉沙芬展開,做為國際自行車產業的最新趨勢及精品指標,吸引了世界各地的自行車同好,更聚集超過1400家參展商共同展出。

EURO BIKE, the world's largest bicycle event, will be re-launched in July 2018 at Friedrichshafen, Germany. As an important indicator of the latest trend in the international bicycle industry and innovative products, it will attract professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world to participate in this event. In this year, more than 1,400 exhibitors exhibited together.



Design Space have a long-term cooperation with world-class bicycle manufacturers in EUROBIKE, which includes the largest CRONUS in China, largest bicycle supplier from BANGKOK and Taiwan boutique OYAMA and Italian boutique bicycle dealer JAVA, Design Space customers are all over the world.



As a revolutionary brand in the bicycle industry, exhibitors grasp every stage of the world and have long-term cooperation with Design Space. Over the years, Design Space has provided one-stop exhibition planning, booth design and follow with co-partners to build exhibitions around the world. Reassuring construction of quality, eye-catching exhibition design and excellent marketing skills, along with partners in the exhibition to expand the commercial map again and again.

Every construction process, Design Space team has professional and full-time supervision, careful and pay attention to every single detail, create a safe and perfect construction quality.


The Design Space team not only has strong global exhibition construction capabilities, but also good at intergrating with space design, public relations strategy, and product marketing.

Design Space carefully with each design communication, and every customer will be rewarded with a refinement-level booth design.

CRONUS這次主打的TROPIX品牌,利用斜線條結構交織出具有速度感的攤位設計,是不是很有「烈風」的感覺呢! CRONUS is the main brand of TROPIX, with a diagonal line structure to create a booth with a sense of speed. Isn't it a feeling of powerful wind?


CRONUS is the main brand of TROPIX, with a diagonal line structure to create a booth with a sense of speed. Isn't it a feeling of powerful wind?


JAVA from Italy, simple and elegant exhibition design and space planning, as a highlight of two-tier booth with glare, a perfect interpretation of the JAVA brand as the world's leading bicycle design team's high-quality image.


OYAMA, one of the world's largest folding bike manufacturers, welcomes visitors from all over the world with its open booths and generous fashion design.

黎京設計用高聳的門面與對比色展現強烈風格,讓BANGKOK CYCLE靠著華麗氣勢深植人心。

With towering facades and splendid colors, BANGKOK CYCLE deeply impress visitors with splendour momentum.

Think big and be simple.


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