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[Exhibition design] Your New Air Experience with Design Space




Today, we share with you another client who has long-term cooperation with Design Space - Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association.

從開展前的展覽規劃到展覽搭建,不論展覽地點是在法國、德國還是日本,黎京設計都能提供一站式服務(one-step service),一次性地滿足客戶需求。多年來,黎京設計隨著台灣區航太公會(TAIA)南征北討,藉著長期配合所累積的默契,每一次都能呈現最好的展覽設計!

As the main industries of Taiwan Aerospace, we carefully manage each booth design through the deep understanding of the aerospace industry and corporate culture; Design Space followed Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association to experienced different straits over the years, from the discussion of exhibition planning until the global exhibition construction. Regardless of the French exhibition, German exhibition, Japanese exhibition... With the long-term cooperation and the tacit understanding been accumulated, the best exhibition design always been presented


Design Space is not only have a strength of contrustion skill, also with more professional photography and film shooting production, one stop service exhibition design company makes your exhibition more perfect!

此外,大攤位搭建更難不倒黎京設計,下面就與您分享台灣區航太公會於Paris Air Show 2017(164sqm)及 TADTE 2017(576sqm)的活動影像!

Check out the activities of Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association's activities at Paris Air Show 2017 and TADTE 2017!


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