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[展覽設計] 精品設計,精品服務,精品口碑,只在黎京ASPIRE 2018 x Design Space



2018 ASPIRE the 8th Congress of Asia Pacific Initiative which annually exhibited in Asia Pacific, was held in Taipei on April 2018. This year, with the theme of "Precision Medicine," 37 countries have gathered and more than 1,500 professional scholars have come to Taiwan to participate in this congress.

Let's take a look at the wonderful performance of Design Space Team at this international medical exhibition!

黎京設計善於翻轉一成不變的展場規劃。專業的專案管理師會依據客戶的需求制訂展場設計,讓參展客戶獲得完美演出。 Exhibition design company must have an extremely careful work that combines the knowledge and experience of professionals to establish a complete project and constuction management system so that exhibitors can have a perfect performance.


More than a beautiful booth, the Design Space team also adept at creating a unique program of activities. Specially engaged professional baristas to serve on site. The rich aroma of coffee attracts even more crowds of people.


Professional design with fascinating situations creates a warm and comfortable exhibition space

黎京設計注重細節與質感,在亞太生殖醫學會展中使用許多燈箱, 明亮有形的設計賺人目光,同時帶給與會人員美好的視覺體驗。

This time the use of multiple light boxes not only makes the booths bright and stylish, but also create the degree of exquisite even more perfect. Design Space pays attention to the detailed and full-featured exhibition space design to bring exhibitors and customers a perfect exhibition experience.


The on site visitors also praised the exhibition design of Design Space and questioned which exhibition design company.


Design Space is always consider what is the customer's "most important need" , and understand the deepest needs of customers. Always propose the solutions based on the role of the consultant and like family and friends attitude.


Design Space, design for you!


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